Lettuce Jam: Hanley's Pepper Jelly vinaigrette is now available

BATON ROUGE, LA (1/25/19) — Hanley’s, a salad-loving food company, today released a Pepper Jelly vinaigrette; made from their house-made pepper jelly, canola oil, and red wine vinegar.

“The idea came from our restaurant customers. When we compared it to other flavors and had people vote online, it was the favorite by far.” said Richard Hanley, the founder and CEO of Hanley’s. “We then tested it at local farmer’s market and it was a hit. This flavor-profile fits our unique line of dressings we make from scratch.”

How it’s made
Its sweet & spicy taste comes from our house-made pepper jelly. A must-try on a blue cheese spinach salad, glazed shrimp, over cream cheese, or a B.A.L.T. (Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato) wrap.

Unlike a traditional Pepper Jelly, the vinaigrette is more functional being that it’s already broken down into a sauce with red wine vinegar and oil. So it can be used with more applications like a marinade, sauces, glazes, as well as a salad dressing.

Where to Find
You can find the Pepper Jelly vinaigrette in southern retailers like Associated Grocers (Calandro’s Market, Alexander’s Market, Calvin’s, Matherne’s, Carters, Oak Point Fresh Market), Rouses Markets, and online at www.hanleysfoods.com.

SRP: $4.99 per 9 oz glass bottle or $15 per 64 oz pouch
Attributes: Vegan, GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Made from Scratch, No Preservatives, No Junk!
More Information: www.hanleysfoods.com/pepperjelly

About Hanley’s
Hanley's is a salad-loving food company from Louisiana that believes they can change the world by the way people eat. Makers of premium, natural salad dressings, and croutons with unique flavors for salad lovers.

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