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Hanley's Bacom Bits on green salad

BATON ROUGE, LA (7/10/19) — Hanley’s, a salad-loving food company, today announced the pre-order of their Bacom™ bits; crunchy bits made from select mushrooms, oil, and cajun spices. 

"Being that we didn't hit our goal with our Kickstarter campaign, none of our backers will receive any products and incentives. This will allow the option for those backers to be a part of something special and unique." said Richard Hanley, the founder and CEO of Hanley’s.

For a limited-time, the Kick-Fund Special will be available only on until July 31 2019. There's six pledge options available for pre-order:

  1. $5: Supporter
  2. $15: 2-Pack
  3. $25: 3-Pack w/shirt
  4. $50: Case-Pack
  5. $100: 2 Case-Pack + Sensation
  6. $250: 3 Case-Pack (24 bags) + Top 6-dressings

Reward Levels Include:


About Hanley’s
Hanley's is a salad-loving food company in Louisiana that believes they can change the world by the way people eat. Makers of premium natural salad dressings and toppers with unique flavors for salad lovers.

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