Hanley's Sensation dressing now in Costco

Hanley's sensation dressing in Costco

Hanley's Sensation dressing is now in all Costco Warehouses in Louisiana, which includes Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Lafayette.

  • The Sensation dressing comes in a 2/12oz pack
  • Made from scratch with all natural ingredients
  • It's Sugar-Free, Low-Carb, and Gluten-Free
  • It's made from Romano cheese, lemon juice and garlic

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About Hanley's
Hanley's is a salad-loving food company in Louisiana that believes they can change the world by the way people eat. Makers of premium natural salad dressings and toppers with unique flavors and real ingredients for salad lovers.

To learn more, visit www.hanleysfoods.com



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